Monday, January 7, 2013

Think About Prearranging Your Funeral

It is the one thing we don't want to think about and it is the one thing that is evitable, our funeral. No matter how healthy we are, someday we will die. It is a sad but truthful fact of life. Once we face it, the better our life can be and once we face it, we should also consider how nice it would be for our loved ones, if we begin planning for that day now, by planning some or all the steps that we want to be taken for our final plans and prearranging for your funeral now.
There are many reasons why it is good to plan ahead and to plan for our funeral. One of the best reasons is that this keeps our family from doing it. You know when that dreadful day comes and we die, they are going to be heartbroken and possibly in shock. Do you want them to deal with every little hassle and every little detail of the ceremony? What you plan now is just one more thing they won't have to do later.
Another good reason for planning for your funeral and paying for it now is the fact that just likes everything else in life, the prices of burials rises with each passing year. If you have plans made, a burial spot paid, a casket bought, you will be saving money and your family won't have to spend any extra later.
Okay, you are decided this is a good idea; you want to plan on your burial. Where do you begin?
You might want to begin by making an appointment to speak to someone at your local funeral parlor. Ask if they have a prepaid package. If they do, go over each step with them. You can make every decision about the funeral or you can leave some of the decisions for your love ones to make. Some of the decisions that the director will probably ask you to make are:
* A casket. If saving money is one reason you are going ahead with your plans then you should consider buying one of these. Ask to see either the caskets themselves or pictures of the caskets available for purchasing.
* Whether you want your funeral to have a showing the night before the burial or just a brief showing before the actual ceremony.
* Preferences on who you wish to officiate at your service.
* Preferences on what type of music that is to be played.
* Picking out the thank you cards for your loved ones to send to those who help during the funeral and during their trying time.
* Display cards that guests take home with them that generally include a bible verse and a little information about you (date of birth, date of passing).
* Which newspapers you wish for your obituary to be recorded. This is something your loved ones will have to pay for at the time of the event.
* Where you wish to be buried. Once you make this decision, you should talk to the cemetery and see if it is possible to buy your plot and burial now. You may even be able to go ahead pay for your opening and closing. These, of course, are the main parts of any funeral cost.
* Once you have your burial plot paid for you, you may also want to consider buying your marker.
The average cost of a basic burial will run you close to $5,000. With each passing year, this price will increase. Consider doing your family a favor and consider prearranging your funeral.

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