Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How to Choose a Burial Place For Your Deceased Family Member

It is always painful when a loved one dies and this is when at times having something to do, such as planning the funeral, takes a bit away from that pain. Feeling useful is always helpful in these kinds of sad and stressful situations.
One of the important tasks of organizing the funeral is selecting the cemetery where the burial will take place. First thing you need to do is find a proper plot and you can do that by checking out local cemetery listings. Depending on the cemetery's religious affiliations, you might come across restrictions on the place or the person that will be buried. Once you found the cemetery that you consider appropriate, make a tour of it and inspect the place. Check out the way the place is maintained and meet the staff. Ask them questions and see what types of replies you get and and the way the replies are given. Are they polite and do they know enough about the whole process?
Also you should ask about the price for the different burial sites. If you are looking at a plot that has nice surroundings and a scenic view, you might have to pay more than choosing a place that is isolated and has less visual appeal. However if you are on a tight budget, this kind of place might be best and save you money. Also inquire about purchasing multiple plots next to each other. This helps when you several family members want to be buried close to each other, and sometimes when buying multiple plots you might get a discount.
Ask for detailed expenses to avoid any hidden fees. Are there any ongoing maintenance fees and if yes, how much will that cost? Such maintenance fees would involve putting regularly flowers on the grave, keeping the grave site clean, etc.
Also don't forget to ask about the different payment options. What happens if you've already paid a down payment and now you've changed your mind. Will you get back a refund or at least a portion of it?
Don't be shy to ask friends and coworkers about this as they might have some prior experience with their family members, so they might have already gone through the same situation and could give you ideas of places you can visit.
When you are about to sign the agreement read the whole contract including the small print so you don't miss any stipulations that might have not been mentioned during the meeting. Also ask any questions regarding anything you don't understand, the employees should be quick to answer them for you.
Feeling useful in such a situation goes to great length in alleviating your pain after a loved one departed, however if you feel rather stressed out by all this, don't be shy to ask another relative or friend to help. It is never good to carry the whole weight on one person's shoulders only. This is why friends and family are there for.

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