Sunday, December 4, 2016

Funeral Ideas To Help You Cope With Your Grief

A funeral marks the end of the life of a person and is an important ceremony. Here we outline some important practical things to think about at a time when you are looking for funeral ideas and focused on your grief.

1. Check the will.

Often people will give information about their wishes for a funeral in their will. This may simply say whether they want to be buried or cremated, or it may have detailed instructions. Also check with people who were close and friends.

2. Think about who to involve.

You will almost certainly want to involve close members of the family in the funeral and talk to them quietly about hymn or music and readings. Other close friends can be a support too and you might ask one to give a eulogy. Be wary of asking too many people and making your life complicated.

3. Make sure you have the legal death certificate.

Processes vary from country to country, but almost invariably there will be a death certificate. It is usually necessary to obtain this before funeral can proceed.

4. Seek for help with the funeral arrangements.

Early on, make contact with someone who can help with organising the funeral; or ask a friend to do this. There will be legal issues that vary around the world, but throughout the world there are professionals who can help in a quiet and dignified way. This might be a local firm of funeral directors or a local religious leader or both.

5. Ask questions about financial arrangements.

Funerals are not generally free and there may be financial matters to consider. The same people who help organise funerals can give advice about this and can work to a tight budget if necessary.

6. Consider whether to entertain after a funeral.

Often people entertain guests after a funeral both as a celebration of the life and as a courtesy to many who travel from far and wide. You do not have to. If you do, consider whether to ask everyone or simply close friends and family. Think about where to hold this and how much it will cost.

7. Look after yourself.

When organizing a funeral, you can neglect yourself, especially if you are a busy person at a busy time. Take the time to mourn yourself without embarrassment; and take time to share your grief with others.

8. Be aware of the strains of organizing a funeral.

People and families will want to help, but this is a time of extra stress and strain on everyone. Try to avoid this by asking others for help, as this will relieve the burden from you, but be careful to ensure you do not ask two people to do the same thing. Professionals involved with the arrangements can be good to ask for help about issues with families and mourning. They are very used to the experience and will be sensitive.

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