Thursday, February 16, 2017

Embracing Uncertainty After Loss

The script has changed. An unexpected detour has occurred. The GPS navigation system has malfunctioned. The next move is unpredictable. The future is uncertain. What do you do now?

Loss of any kind creates a feeling of uncertainty. Fear of the future might consume your thoughts and actions and might even negatively affect you physically, emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically. Although the emotions of loss such as sadness, denial, anger, hopelessness, guilt, regret, and many others are natural and normal responses to loss, at some point you must take steps to move forward. In order to do so, you will need to acknowledge, accept, and embrace your future. Your life has definitely changed after loss; but, it has not ended. So, how do you navigate this seemingly wilderness of grief? How do you journey through the unchartered territory? How do you come to terms with a future that you did not expect?

The journey begins with a choice. You must choose to face the fear head on. In other words, you will need to embrace it. Make a decision to allow and receive all the possibilities that lie ahead, even though they may not be visible, or even conceivable, at the present time. Change is inevitable and it is always occurring. Everything changes. You might have even forgotten the power of your inner strength as you embraced the uncertainty of previous situations and challenges in your life.

Think of changes you have embraced in the past, even if subconsciously they seemed insignificant. How did you embrace a bad weather day on a planned sun-filled vacation? How did you embrace a no-show commitment from a friend or business associate? How did you embrace test results and treatment after receiving a life-altering diagnosis? How did you embrace starting anew after a relationship demise? How did you embrace surviving a serious house fire, car accident, etc. In most cases, you made a choice, whether on your own or with guidance, to take positive, forward-moving action. The other choice, of course, would have been to do absolutely nothing and stay stuck.

Is there meaning and purpose in the uncertainty of changes, situations, or challenges? I believe there is, although maybe not apparent at the time. We all have a divine, unique purpose for being on this earth. The loss that you are currently experiencing just might be enhancing and moving you closer to your reason for being here. Or, it may be propelling you into a new and different purpose. Adopt an attitude that embraces learning and growing from each experience in life and keep moving forward.

My Mantra: Everything in life is temporary, including life itself. Decide to Say Yes! to the Gift of Now.

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