Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Reasons to Consider Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements

Whether you are 28 or 82, the truth is that the time will come when someone will have the responsibility of dealing with your burial.
Our children have had a hard time understanding why we want to talk to them about our wishes as we age. Perhaps yours is the same. We do not like to face death and the obvious issues of what needs done when that time comes.
Let me quickly say here, as Christians and believers in Jesus Christ, we know our final home will be in Heaven. However, there will someday be a funeral here as our earthly bodies are laid to rest. And there will be friends and family that need time to adjust to the parting of their loved one.
Families who have made early arrangements have an easier time handling all the unexpected details that come up when a loved one dies.
An entire funeral can be planned through a local mortuary and paid for ahead of time. Here are a few basics of utmost importance in considering a pre-arranged service agreement.
1. Choose a reputable funeral director. He will sit down with you and discuss the types of funerals available. There are a wide range of choices from cremation, simple gravesite, elaborate viewing and visitation, and other options. Here is where your personal request can be noted so family with differing views will not have to choose for you.
2. Consider the kind of service you would want. Do you want to be sure to leave a witness for Christ at your burial? Do you want Scripture and certain music to comfort those who are grieving? Do you have a favorite poem or reading you want used?
3. How important is a fancy casket to you? By choosing yourself (or helping an elderly person choose), you can avoid the temptation some have of getting the best (usually most expensive) to honor dear Aunt Sally. This may sound strange; however, I have seen many ill-equipped families invest more than they could afford to please others or to soothe their own feelings.
4. The funeral director will probably have a booklet for you to take with you, fill out and return to him. Here you can accurately record information about yourself, your work, your education, and your faith. You will also be able to leave a valid obituary with accurate family history.
5. After visiting with the funeral home, if you are comfortable with his/her plans, you may choose to begin paying on your funeral now. There will be many options available to you. Be sure you get everything in writing that you discussed and are sure this is what you want before signing a contract.
It's a stressful time when a loved one dies. A pre-planned funeral will ease confusion as your family will have a clear picture of your desires. This is especially helpful when more than one person bears the responsibility of making these plans.

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