Sunday, March 13, 2016

Funeral Poem "When I Am Gone" - How To Write and Deliver A Eulogy Speech

The eulogy is a very important task. Eulogizing the deceased helps us mourn and remember, honor and celebrate their life. And in the process ease our grief and pain from the loss. So the pain of the loss fades with time, but not the memories, which are cherished.

Giving a speech is challenging at any time, but having to deliver it when you are facing the emotional shock of loss of a beloved one makes it harder. However, eulogies are far easier to deliver than ordinary speeches. The audience is fully on your side and want you to succeed. And a eulogy is really something very simple. As it comes from your heart.

This video was based on a guide to writing a great eulogy by Kevin Burch. He is an experienced teacher and trainer and has personally delivered around a hundred eulogies, and assisted others in as many a number since 1999. His guide on writing and delivering eulogies is based on years of experience and a sense of compassion for those who are suffering loss of a loved one.

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