Thursday, March 24, 2016

Selecting A Funeral Poem

When it comes to funeral poems it can seem like it is a huge task trying to choose the right one. This is because a well chosen poem can make a big impact on a funeral. Poems are great ways of expressing how you are feeling. They are also a great way for you to start healing your emotions, both for the people listening to the poem and to the person who are reading it out.

Most funeral poems as you would expect talk of loss and the sadness that comes with this. However the poems you use at the funeral do not have to be sad they can instead be uplifting. They can talk about valuing the amazing things about a person and their life. The poems can be a celebration; they can talk of love for that person. poems can have any tone which you want at a funeral.

Sometimes it can be quite fitting for the poem to having nothing at all to do with funerals or death. If the deceased enjoyed certain activities, for example, sailing, you could read a poem about the sea. In the same way, if the deceased had a favorite poet then the poem could be one by this poet. This will work especially if you tell everyone that it was their favorite poet before reading the poem out.

What will generally work well for a funeral poem is choosing something that will speak to the audience the most. A funeral poem should have a wide appeal. For example, if the deceased liked Shakespeare, depending on who else will be at the funeral, some might not be able to relate to it. This is why a lot of consideration needs to go into choosing a poem for a funeral. A funeral poem can be read during a funeral on its own or you could incorporate it into a part of any eulogy.

If you choose you can also read your poem away from the funeral service. You can read the poem together as a family or on your own. This all depends on personal choice and how you feel about the funeral poem. The choice is totally up to you do not feel pressured by what most people may expect. You may even wish to pass a funeral poem round before, during or after the funeral for everyone to read to themselves. Funeral poems help a great deal in comforting people, no matter which way you decide to incorporate a poem into the funeral service it will still have a big impact on many.

Remember if a funeral poem you like has a line or word that is inappropriate then you can always change it or remove it altogether. No one will notice or care, they will just listen to the poem and reflect upon it. If you feel you are able to write your own poem then that is also a great idea. It is a very personal method when having a poem. Seven of the most popular funeral poems are listed here:

  • Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep
  • If I Should Go Before the Rest of You
  • Funeral Blues
  • Remember
  • Life Unbroken
  • On Death (From the Prophet)
  • Footprints

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