Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cremation and Permanent Remembrance

We have learned from the experience of thousands of families that working through the time-tested steps in the Remembrance Process℠ helps in moving from grieving to remembrance. Saying Goodbye to Your Loved One with the support of your friends and family can be a huge part of this process, and we strongly suggest that you and your family explore the choices that most appeal to you. The memories shared, the stories told at these “goodbye” services will be remembered and valued forever. What many families don’t realize is how personal and creative saying goodbye can be.

Eulogies and obituaries can also be a key part of remembering your loved ones, and this website can give you the information you need on how to write a eulogy or how to write an obituary so they can be most meaningful. Friends and family are often eager to help here, and often some of the most memorable parts of the service are the words said about the loved one.

Lastly, many families find that permanent remembrances like cemetery monuments and headstones and grave markers can be especially valuable for now and for decades to come, but many families don’t know that they can have these remembrances even when they choose cremation. Having a permanent place to remember your loved ones is another time-tested way of helping move through grief. For families who choose traditional burial, a cemetery is the clear choice.

But many families who choose cremation don’t realize they have even broader choices for permanent remembrance. These choices can include special sections in cemeteries, cremation gardens, cremation niches, columabariums, and even highly personal locations. All of these choices allow a family to choose a headstone, monument, grave memorial or other permanent tribute. To learn more about the ways other families have remembered their loved ones and the many choices you have for permanent remembrances with cremation.

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